what gameds do you like to play?

right now, I like to play stw from time to time, although I need some more games because I’m getting bored of the ones I have rofl

9 responses to “what gameds do you like to play?”

  1. i play sbyw, stw and Manamon 2, but there is no good games to play because most of them are clonses

  2. i actually want to play bk3 but i need the translation. But man for its age that game is truely amazing.

  3. Misty World is pritty cool if you ask me.
    It’s a chinese MMO in which you have to go on dungeons and quests, upgrade equipment and team up with players to kill bosses.

  4. sketchbook your world and manamon1, not really much. Not that there’s anything else really anyways

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