the lack of consistancy

damn, I’ve abandoned this fucking thing for who knows how long. Ever since I got added to diannas blog, I’ve not had anything to post on here or even there for that matter. I’m just not sure what to even do with this thing anymore. Should I delete it? Keep it? who knows.

8 responses to “the lack of consistancy”

  1. if you think that’s bad, the worst possible shit you could ever imagine occurs when she is on tt. Thankfully, chris band her, or so I’ve herd but god damn.

  2. yeah well, and since dianas blog has this weired girl now being extremely bitchy and weired, idk. She may just comment bs and o so funny or meh, idk. So my blog is probably mostly about thoughts as well but i really hope i manage to get some lp’s up there soon

  3. yup keep it. I mean you’re free to post, what ever you want! No judjing so feel free to do stuff here cuz its yours.

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