never do this to your braille device.

So this happened a week or2 ago. I have a brailleSense6 device from hims, if you know what that is. because I’m a native speaker of spanish and wanted to improve my writing in it and learn spanish braille, I decided to switch the braillecode and language to spanish on my BrailleSense. So I did. And so my dumb ass forgot I put a password on it and it was numbers. So after switching it to spanish in school, I locked it. Then, I went home and tried to unlock it. I entered the password as I was told numbers were entered in spanish, similar to english UEB by the way. And for some reason, it didn’t work because the way you write them on the spanish braillecode on that device is for some reason different. So I wasn’t able to unlock it, and for a hole day, I avoided telling anybuddy about it. After coming home the next day after, I decide to email the tech support about it, and well needless to say, it helped.
The basis of it is, just don’t ever do this on your braille device, also called notetaker unless you know what your doing, lol.

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